What's New in 23R2.2

The Nitro 23R2.2 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. More information is available by selecting the feature name.


Nitro Explorer

Updates to Charts

Categorical (Non-Temporal) X-Axis for Charts

A new categorical chart x-axis is available allowing users to create chart types that do not require a time based x-axis, for example, brand or country.

Drill to Detail for Charts

Users can now right-click on a chart type to display a table of the underlying data, or right-click a specific part of certain charts. The resulting modal allows users to further understand and contextualize the granular data aggregated into the chart, including its dataset and owner(s).

Exporting Chart Data to Excel

Users can now export chart data to Excel in XLSX format.

Updated Sunburst Chart

A new version of the Sunburst chart is available. See Building Charts for information on creating a chart using Sunburst Chart V2.

Cross-Linking Charts and Dashboards

  • When modifying a chart, users can see how many dashboards are affected by the changes before saving
  • Users can view the complete list of dashboards and select a dashboard to view it in the context of other, related data
  • Users can filter the list of charts to display those used by the selected dashboards

Updates to Dashboards

Horizontal Filter Bar for Dashboards

Users can now use dashboard filters in a horizontal layout at the top of the page, instead of a vertical sidebar.

Dashboard Cross-Filtering

Dashboard Cross-Filtering is now available for dashboards in addition to individual charts. Users can apply a filter across all charts in the dashboard.

Updates to Datasets

Creating Datasets

When users select the Create Dataset button, the New Dataset page displays. When users select the Cancel button on the Create Dataset page, the previous page now displays.

CSV File Upload

Some input fields are now grouped in collapsible sections. Some field names and descriptions are updated.

Duplicate Virtual Datasets

Users can now copy a dataset by selecting the Duplicate button in the Actions column for virtual datasets.

Updates to Alerts and Reports

Dashboard reports

Users can now specify which tabs are selected (and which filters are applied) when generating dashboard reports.

Alerts and Reports Emails

The call-to-action link text used in Alerts & Reports emails is now configurable.

Enhanced Reliability for Alerts and Reports

A new Nitro Explorer email server improves delivery reliability for Alerts and Reports emails.

Updates to User Logging

User Data Available for Audit

Admins can now query the logs database using SQL Lab to see a list of users and their attributes, for example, first name, last name, email, and login events:, last login time, login count, and failed login count.