Creating Datasets

Before you can visualize and explore data, you must create a dataset. Nitro Explorer is pre-loaded with several datasets but you can also create your own.

If your visualization can be based on the data in Nitro without any manipulation or joining of other data, you can create a physical dataset to power the chart. If you need a more complex or derived dataset to power your chart, you must create a virtual dataset.

Creating a Physical Dataset

To create a physical dataset:

  1. Select Datasets from the Data menu on the Nitro Explorer home page.

  2. Select the +Dataset button.

  3. Select the Datasource, Schema, and Table for the new dataset.

  4. Select Add.

Creating a Virtual Dataset

To create a virtual dataset:

  1. Select SQL Editor from the SQL Lab menu on the Nitro Explorer home page.

  2. Create an SQL query.

  3. Select Run.

  4. Select the Results tab.

  5. Select Explore.

  6. Save the query and results as a new virtual Dataset or create a new one.

  7. Specify the configuration you wish to use to visualize the data in the Chart Builder.

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