What's New in 21R2.0

The Nitro 21R2.0 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.


Nitro Explorer

Three New Chart Types Available

The following chart types are now available to illustrate customer data:

  • Multichart - Allows users to overlay different time-series visualizations
  • Radar Chart - Allows users to compare two or more groups over various features of interest
  • Pivot Table - Allows users to create a view of selected data in a grid with rows and columns

Role-Based Access for Dashboards

Admins can now grant access to dashboards, which are private by default, by roles, allowing users to share dashboards with others. When a role is granted access to a dashboard, all users assigned to that role are granted access to the dashboard and all the associated charts and underlying datasets.

Thumbnail Support Added

Recently used items now display as thumbnail preview images. Thumbnails are available for the following:

  • Queries - available on the home page
  • Charts - available on the Charts list view
  • Dashboards - available on the Dashboards list view


Dashboard for ETL Job Metrics

A new dashboard for ETL job metrics is available from the Usage Metrics menu in the Nitro Admin Console. This helps system admins to understand the health of the system by getting insights on the number of jobs that completed successfully and recurring failure types to allow for better visibility and troubleshooting.

Remote Data Pull for Custom Connectors to Nitro Data Lake (Beta)

System admins can now configure a Nitro custom inbound connector to source data directly from the data vendor’s S3 data lake to the Nitro data lake. This replaces the need for customers to stage their data in costly SFTP locations.

To use this feature, submit a ticket to Nitro Support asking for the IAM role used for your specific organization.

Veeva Data Cloud (VDC) to Nitro S3 File Transfer

A new vdc-landing-zone directory is available in the Nitro primary S3 bucket where VDC data can be loaded for all customers who use Nitro as their data access location. This replaces the previous SFTP transfer method and shortens the time it takes to load large VDC datasets into Nitro.


New Nitro Insert Load Pattern

A new insert load pattern (pt_ftp_ods_insertload__v) appends data from the Staging table directly to the ODS table without requiring a primary key. FTP shape shifting is supported.

Veeva Data Cloud Industry Connector Updated

The Veeva Data Cloud industry connector is updated to support the data model in VDC’s 21R1.7 release, which contains schema enhancements that provide customers with more accurate product/drug attributes, OpenData provider ID enrichment for Non-OpenData customers, and cleaner Diagnosis ICD type information. Raw filename is also added to the table structure to ensure all data loads correctly.

Product Cross-Reference Global ODS

A new Global ODS table (map_crm_product_gbl_ods__v) is populated when the job "CRM Load Global ODS" is executed in all CRM connectors. Nitro uses the CRM data model with Analytic Product Groups to tie external IDs from various data sources to global product definitions managed within CRM. This table must be populated to create analytic stars from sales data or marketing data.