Nitro Explorer Dashboards

Dashboards are a collection of charts providing a more complete picture of your data. See Creating Dashboards.

Admins can grant access to dashboards, which are private by default, by roles, allowing users to share dashboards with others. When a role is granted access to a dashboard, all users assigned to that role are granted access to the dashboard and all the associated charts and underlying datasets.


  • One or more roles must exist in Nitro Explorer

To grant access to dashboards by role:

  1. Open the dashboard you want to share.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Select Edit Dashboard Properties from the More Items menu.

  4. Select the role you want to grant access to from the drop down list. Roles are user-instance specific and are in the following format when displayed in the application: <Instance Name>::<Username>::role__v. For example, veevademo_us::modifyall_user1::role__v.

Importing Dashboards

To share content, Data Analyst/Scientist users can import dashboards to Nitro Explorer.

To import a dashboard:

  1. Select the Settings tab from the Nitro home page.

  2. Select Import Dashboards from the Manage menu.

  3. Select the Choose File button on the Import Dashboard(s) page and select the dashboard file you want to upload.

  4. Select the Database to load the dashboard to from the drop down list.

  5. Select Upload.

Imported dashboards can be viewed from the Dashboards page.