What's New in 21R2.3

The Nitro 21R2.3 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.


Inbound Connectors

Delimiters Supported in Extension Objects

Admins can now use extension objects to upload data to Nitro when using a delimiter other than what the industry connector defines. This provides greater flexibility to customers in the data formats they can receive from providers, and allows customers to continue receiving release updates for their connectors. To use this feature, update the STG or FTP table .yml to enable the csvDelimiter attribute.

Integrichain Connector Tables

Two new tables in the Integrichain connector now support Specialty Pharmacy status data:

  • sp_status__v
  • sp_dispense__v

Specialty Pharmacy status data is used in Nitro to allow users to report on accounts in the patient_status_gbl_ods__v table using the Fact Account 360 table.


Instance Admin Role for NAC

A new instance-level admin role provides users with full NAC admin access only to a specific cluster instance. This provides the flexibility to assign a user read-only access to the entire cluster, with admin access only to a specific instance. To request Instance Level access, create a Nitro support ticket. Users must also be assigned the Cluster Read-Only role.

Remote S3 Data Pull is Now Self-Service

Admins can now manage all necessary configuration for remote S3 data pull from external sources into Nitro’s data lake using the Nitro Admin Console. This eliminates the need to submit a support ticket. Enhancements to S3 Data Pull include:

  • S3 Data key now displays the recommended source bucket prefix. Admins must ensure their bucket name starts with that key.
  • Key that shows the recommended AWS policy that customers can copy and use. The policy maps to the source bucket and data key that the customers entered in the configuration and the cluster specific ETL role.
  • A verify connection button allows users to test if the connection was configured correctly.


New STG Load Patterns to Concatenate Files

Two new STG load patterns (pt_ftp_stg_batch_rawload__v and pt_ftp_stg_batch_rawformulaload__v) reduce the overall time to upload new files. This allows users to access the data up to 90% faster by automatically concatenating multiple claims files into one table, allowing the system to upload one table to Nitro instead of multiple files.

Symphony PTD Claims Uses Batch Load Patterns

To provide customers with faster load times for Symphony Patient Transactional Data (PTD) claims data, the following tables now use the new concatenate load patterns (pt_ftp_stg_batch_rawload__v and pt_ftp_stg_batch_rawformulaload__v):

  • Diagnosis
  • Surgery
  • Procedure
  • Rx Non-Market
  • Rx
  • Patient Activity

Symphony Prescriber Payer Source Added to Global DDS

To allow customers to report on HCP commercial prescriptions, prescriber level sales data provided by Symphony Health is now included in the Global DDS Fact Account 360 table, tying prescriber data to global demographic and product data in the Global CRM product tables.

Symphony Prescriber Payer Source Added to Customer Sales Repository

To allow users to view and report on HCP prescriptions sales data as compared with standard dimensions, prescriber level sales data provided by Symphony Health is now included in the Global ODS Customer Sales Repository table.

Specialty Pharmacy Patient Data

To make it easier for users to see patient activity as a part of the Customer (HCP) journey, Specialty Pharmacy patient data from multiple sources now maps to a new Global table (patient_status_gbl_ods__v) and serves as the basis for Patient Metrics now tracked in the fact_account_360__v table.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

User experience improvements in this release include the following items.


  • Definitions for each field are now included in the Global Demographic table. This allows users to view the type of data in each field.