Fact Account 360

This fact summarizes activities and sales that have occurred with an Account. The types of activities in this fact include Call Details, Call Samples, and Call Key Messages. Sales activities included are Symphony Non-Retail.


Activity relations to dimensions
Demographic cir_gbl_ods__v.account__v joins to demographic_gbl_ods__v via master_data_xref_gbl_ods__v. xref_source__v must be set to "Account"
Product cir_gbl_ods__v.product__v joins to crm_product_gbl_ods__v (may be null)
Territory cir_gbl_ods__v.account__v joins to territory_account_roster_gbl_ods__v. The first territory returned is used.
Date cir_gbl_ods__v.date__v
Activity cir_gbl_ods__v fields : status__v, source_table_name__v, type__v, is_parent_activity__v
Channel cir_gbl_ods__v fields: veeva_activity_channel__v, source_table_name__v, configurable_channel__v

Sales relations to dimenions
Demographic csr_gbl_ods__v.native_demographic_id__v joins to demographic_gbl_ods__v via mater_data_xref_gbl_ods. xref_source__v must be set to "symphony_nr_demo"
Product csr_gbl_ods__v.product_id__v joins to crm_product_gbl_ods__v via map_crm_product_gbl_ods__v. In CRM, analytics_product_group__v.name__v must have same value as csr_gbl_ods__v.product_id__v
Territory csr_gbl_ods__v.native_demographic_id__v joins to territory_account_gbl_ods__v via master_data_xref_gbl_ods__v. xref_source__v must be set to "symphony_nr_demo". The first territory returned is used.
Date csr_gbl_ods__v.week_ending_date__v
Activity csr_gbl_ods___v.sales_type__v
Channel csr_gbl_ods__v fields: veeva_activity_channel__v & vendor__v

Global DDS Field Type Value
activities__v numeric(15,2) Count of records in the Customer Interaction Respoistory (CIR) where end_date__v is null. -OR- Count of rows of patient_status_gbl_ods__v
qty__v numeric(15,2) Sum of Pack Units from Symphony Non-Retail Sales when populated from CSR. Quantity of samples left when populated from CIR.
nrx__v   null
trx__v   null
cost__v   null
fact_account_360_id__v varchar(1000) |dim_global_demographic__v.vid__v|dim_global_product__v.native_id__v|dim_date__v.date__v| dim_global_territory__v.vault_territory_id__v|dim_global_activity__v.dim_global_activity_id__vdim_global_channel__v.|dim_global_channel_id__v
sp_patient_status__v VARCHAR(255) Status value of the transaction
sp_patient_status_reason VARCHAR(255) Status reason for the Status value of the transaction
net_new_patients INT Number of new patients that are active/pending have no prior transactions
new_patients INT Number of new patients that had previously been discontinued/canceled/denied
lost_patients INT Number of patients who were previously active/pending but are now discontinued/cancled/denied