Industry Data Connectors

Industry data connectors integrate third-party, syndicated data assets directly into Nitro. The metadata for industry connectors is managed by the Nitro Product team.

If there is a difference between what is delivered as a part of the Nitro object model and what is specified by the source data vendor, submit a Nitro Support ticket with the specifics about the difference.

Industry data connectors can be provisioned by users. To create an industry connector see Creating a Custom or Industry Connector Using SFTP.

The following industry data connectors are available:

  • Asembia Assistance Programs
  • Cardinal Health
  • CareMetx
  • CMS OpenPayments (requires provisioning)
  • Diaceutics
  • DRG
  • Doximity
  • Encise Market Data Japan
  • Epic Order Data
  • Epocrates
  • Integrated Commercialized Solutions (ICS) 867 & Chargeback
  • Integrichain Specialty Distribution / Pharmacy
  • IQVIA Xponent US (Indirect Sales)
  • Jitsushoka Sales Data Japan
  • LexisNexis Claims
  • McKesson Assistance Programs
  • Medscape
  • MMIT Core Formulary
  • NeoGenomics
  • ProMetrics Specialty Distribution / Pharmacy
  • Symphony PrescriberSource / PayerFocus (Indirect sales w/payer information)
  • Symphony PrescriberSource / PatientFocus (Indirect sales w/patient demographic information)
  • Symphony Claims Data
  • Symphony Claims Patient Transactional Data (PTD)
  • Symphony Anonymous Patient Longitudinal Data (APLD)
  • Symphony Lab Data (Quest Labs)
  • Symphony Non-Retail Sales
  • Ultmarc
  • ValueCentric Specialty Distribution / Pharmacy
  • Veeva Crossix DIFA
  • Veeva Link

The following industry intelligent object connectors are available:

Extension Objects

Extension Objects allow users to extend the Nitro Data Model for FTP Industry Connectors. See Customizing Tables Using Extension Objects for instructions.

Loading the Data

Data for industry connectors leverages Nitro's integrated SFTP server. See Loading Data Using SFTP for instructions.