Patient Status

The patient_status_gbl_ods__v table provides specialty pharmacy information on patient status.

Related Entity Global ODS Field Field Type Description Source Data Connector: Integrichain
Coverage coverage_type__v varchar(255) Type of Primary Benefit Coverage primary_coverage_type__v
DX Fact primary_dx_icd10__v varchar(255) Primary Diagnosis Code (ICD10) primary_diagnosis_code__v
DX Fact secondary_dx_icd10__v varchar(255) Secondary Diagnosis Code (ICD10) secondary_diagnosis_code__v
FACT day_date__v TIMESTAMP Date and time of the generated transaction in the originating system day_date__v
Fact num_unique_patients__v INT Number of unique patients number_of_patients__v
Fact qty_dispensed__v DOUBLE Quantity dispensed quantity_dispensed__v
Fact rx_num_refills__v DOUBLE Number of refills allowed on original Rx rx_number_of_refills__v
Fact rx_num_refills_remaining__v DOUBLE Number of refills remaining number_of_refills_remaining__v
Fact patient_responsibility__v DOUBLE Total amount of money the patient is responsible for patient_responsibility__v
Fact patient_deductible__v DOUBLE Patient deductible related to payer patient_deductible__v
Fact patient_copay__v DOUBLE Patient copay related to payer patient_copay__v
Fact other_payer_amount__v DOUBLE Total amount paid by other payers including copay assistance other_payer_amount__v
Fact copay_assistance_amount__v DOUBLE Total amount received by pharmacy from copay assistance programs copay_assistance_amount__v
HCO facility_name__v varchar(255) Name of Provider's HCO/Clinic/Practice facility_name__v
HCP provider_npi__v varchar(255) Provider NPI prescriber_npi__v
HCP provider_dea__v varchar(255) Provider DEA prescriber_dea__v
HCP provider_sln__v varchar(255) Provider SLN prescriber_sln__v
HCP provider_post_code__v varchar(255) Provider Post Code prescriber_zip__v
HCP provider_state__v varchar(255) Provider State prescriber_state__v
HCP provider_specialty__v varchar(255) Provider Specialty prescriber_specialty__v
Patient patient_id__v varchar(255) Longitudinal Patient ID longitudinal_patient_id__v
Patient patient_hub_id__v varchar(255) Patient ID as determined by HUB patient_hub_id__v
Patient patient_zip__v varchar(255) Patient Postal Code patient_zip_code__v
Patient patient_state__v varchar(255) Patient State patient_state__v
Patient patient_gender__v varchar(255) Patient Gender patient_gender__v
Patient patient_yob__v varchar(255) Patient Year of Birth patient_year_of_birth__v
Payer payer_name__v varchar(255) Payer Name primary_payer_name__v
Payer payer_type__v varchar(255) Payer Type primary_payer_type__v
PBM pbm_pcn__v varchar(255) Primary PBM Processor Control Number primary_pbm_pcn__v
PBM pbm_iin__v varchar(255) Primary PBM Issuer Identification Number primary_pbm_iin__v
PBM pbm_bin__v varchar(255) Primary PBM Bank Identification Number primary_pbm_bin__v
PBM pbm_group_id__v varchar(255) Primary PBM Group ID primary_pbm_group_id__v
Product ndc__v varchar(255) Product NDC ndc__v
Product product_name__v varchar(255) Product Name (from NDC) medication_product_description___v
Product brand_name__v varchar(255) Product Brand Name brand__v
Product unit_of_measure__v varchar(255) Unit of Measure unit_of_measure__v
Referrer referral_source__v varchar(255) Name of entity referring Patient to Specialty Pharmacy referral_source__v
Referrer referral_date__v TIMESTAMP Date Patient was referred to Specialty Pharmacy referral_date__v
RX Fact rx_date__v TIMESTAMP Dat Rx was written by Prescriber rx_date__v
RX Fact rx_number__v varchar(255) Encrypted Rx Number from Pharmacy rx_number__v
RX Fact rx_fill_number__v double Fill number for Rx rx_fill_number__v
RX Fact ship_date__V TIMESTAMP Date the product/material was shipped ship_date__v
RX Fact ship_carrier__v varchar(255) Name of shipper ship_carrier__v
RX Fact ship_location__v varchar(255) Delivery Address ship_location__v
SP Transaction Fact transaction_id__v varchar(255) Specialty Pharmacy transaction ID pharmacy_transaction_id__v
SP Transaction Fact transaction_date__v TIMESTAMP Specialty Pharmacy transaction date transaction_date__v
SP Transaction Fact transaction_type__v varchar(255) Specialty Pharmacy Transaction Type transaction_type__v
SP Transaction Fact transaction_sequence_id__v varchar(255) Specialty Pharmacy Transaction Sequence ID transaction_sequence__v
Specialty Pharmacy specialty_pharmacy_npi__v varchar(255) Specialty Pharmacy NPI specialty_pharmacy_npi__v
Specialty Pharmacy specialty_pharmacy_name__v varchar(255) Specialty Pharmacy Name specialty_pharmacy_name__v
Specialty Pharmacy specialty_pharmacy_dea__v varchar(255) Specialty Pharmacy DEA specialty_pharmacy_dea__v
Specialty Pharmacy specialty_pharmacy_id__v varchar(255) Specialty Pharmacy ID specialty_pharmacy_code__v
Specialty Pharmacy specialty_pharmacy_zip__v varchar(255) Specialty Pharmacy Zip specialty_pharmacy_zip__v
Specialty Pharmacy specialty_pharmacy_state__v varchar(255) Specialty Pharmacy State specialty_pharmacy_state__v
Specialty Pharmacy specialty_pharmacy_junior_parent_name__v varchar(255) Specialty Pharmacy parent name specialty_pharmacy_junior_parent_name__v
Status Fact status__v varchar(255) Patient Status status__v
Status Fact status_override__v varchar(255) Patient Status Override customer_status__v
Status Fact status_reason_override__v varchar(255) Patient Sub Status Override customer_sub_status__v
Status Fact status_date__v TIMESTAMP Patient Status Date status_date__v
Status Fact status_reason__v varchar(255) Patient Status Reason sub_status__v
SYS native_id__v varchar(255) Composite ID from the source connector composite_id__v
SYS composite_key__v varchar(255) Composite key made up of the Composite ID and Connector Name in the source data. <Connector Name>+composite_id__v
SYS source_system_id__v varchar(255) ID of the source connector --
SYS source_connector_name__v varchar(100) Name of the source connector --
SYS source_table_name__v varchar(100) Name of the table within the source connector --