What's New in 21R2.1

The Nitro 21R2.1 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.



Remote Data Pull for Custom Connectors to Nitro Data Lake

This feature is now available to all Nitro customers.

Space Utilization Dashboard

To determine which objects are consuming the most data in a Nitro cluster, admins can use the new space utilization dashboard. Admins can also view their data utilization changes over time, how much data they have, where it's allocated, and which section is growing the fastest.


Customer 360 Star

The Customer 360 star allows customers to use one table to gain a complete understanding of all activities and results for an account by combining CRM activities and sales data with global standardized dimensions.

Veeva Data Cloud Industry Connector Updated

The Veeva Data Cloud (VDC) industry connector is updated to support the data model in VDC’s 21R2 release, which contains an updated, more complete, procedure code description.

MyInsights Cache Load Shape Shifting Support

When loading the MyInsights cache using the CRM Enhanced Presto Load job, if the data structure of the Nitro HTML table changes, the table in the Nitro Presto Cache layer also changes. Admins do not need to drop and redeploy the table in the Presto Cache.

Medical Insights Added to CRM Default Allowlist

To add medical insights from customer CRM orgs, customers can use the allowlist for medical_insights_vod.

User Visible and Behavioral Changes


  • When a file is missing from a job orchestration containing multiple files, an error message displays with the missing filename.
  • A warning icon next to the job status on the Job History page displays for jobs that completed with data quality violations.