Global Dimensional Data Store (DDS)

See the Global DDS tables.

Customer 360 Star

The Customer 360 star allows customers to use one table to gain a complete understanding of all activities and results for an account by combining CRM activities and sales data with global standardized dimensions.

The following dimensions and their related sources are loaded when the Load Global Dimensions (jb_global_LoadDimensions__v) job is run:

Global Dimension Table Global ODS Data and Source Data


demographic_gbl_ods__v (Network)


crm_product_gbl_ods__v (CRM)


territory_gbl_ods__v (Align)


  • cir_gbl_ods__v (CRM)
  • csr_gbl_ods__v (Symphony Non-Retail)


  • cir_gbl_ods__v (CRM)
  • csr_gbl_ods__v (Symphony Non-Retail)


Standard dim_date__v table

The following facts and their related sources are loaded when the Load Customer 360 Fact (jb_global_LoadFactAccount360__v) is run:

Global Customer 360 Facts

Global ODS Data and Source Data


cir_gbl_ods__v (CRM)


csr_gbl_ods__v (Symphony Non-Retail)

The following CRM Activities are captured in the Customer 360 star:

  • Calls
  • Call Details
  • Call Key Messages
  • Remote Meeting Attendees
  • Sent Emails
  • Event Attendees
  • Event Management Attendee
  • Medical Inquiry

The following diagram displays the data sources that must be populated to use the Customer 360 star: