Nitro Explorer Users and Roles

Nitro Explorer has two types of users:

  • Data Analyst/Scientist - has full Nitro Explorer access
  • Creates, modifies, and deletes datasets
  • Creates, modifies, and deletes charts and dashboards
  • Creates and runs complex SQL using Nitro Explorer SQL Lab
  • Uploads CSVs to their associated Nitro Workspaces (if enabled)
  • Business User - has limited Nitro Explorer access
  • Views charts and dashboards created by Data Analyst/Scientist

Nitro Explorer Managed Roles

Roles in Nitro Explorer are used to manage access to features, functionality, dataset, charts, and dashboards. Default roles are established by Nitro Support. Nitro support assigns database users a role that is specific to them and their level of data access, as inherited from the security configured in the Nitro database.