Using Workspaces with Nitro Explorer

Nitro Workspaces are a set of cloud based tools for data scientists and analysts. A Workspace in Nitro includes a database schema that the Workspace owner and team use to create data structures and load data ad-hoc. Nitro Explorer can be integrated with Workspaces to upload CSV or Excel data and query the data immediately.

Nitro Explorer automatically derives the metadata from the CSV/Excel file when data is uploaded. You do not need to manually define column metadata.

Uploading Files to Workspaces


To upload files to Workspaces from within Nitro Explorer:

  1. Sign in to Nitro Workspaces as a Workspace owner or team member.
  2. Select Upload a CSV or Upload Excel from the Data menu in Nitro Explorer.
  3. Enter the following required information:
    • Table Name - Name of the table in the Workspace schema
    • CSV or Excel file to upload
    • Database - Select the database that corresponds to the Workspace you want to upload to. Databases that do not correspond to a Workspace you have access to will reject the upload.
    • Schema - Schema that corresponds to the schema of the Workspace
  4. Select Save.