Nitro Explorer Components

Nitro Explorer includes the following components:

  • Databases - A database represents a connection to a Nitro instance. Databases can be shared or user-specific. Datasets created on a shared database are accessible to other users within the organization. For example, production_v is a shared database, therefore all datasets created on production_v are shared datasets. Datasets created on user-specific databases cannot be accessed by anyone other than the creator. For example, production_v::modifyall<username>__v is a user-specific database, therefore all datasets created on it are private datasets.
  • Datasets - A dataset represents a table data source in Nitro used as the basis for charts and dashboards. Datasets can be created on a shared or user-specific database. There are two types.
  • Virtual Dataset - Tables are based on SQL queries created using Nitro Explorer’s SQL Lab
  • Physical Dataset - Tables are directly sourced from a physical table in the Nitro database
  • Charts - Charts are the visual representation of a dataset.
  • Dashboards - Dashboards can be enabled to display a static data set, or a dynamic dataset that is refreshed on a configurable time interval.
  • SQL Lab - Integrated SQL query tool for Nitro. Allows analysts/scientists to run queries against Nitro data, view sample results, download results, and quickly build a virtual Dataset for use in chart visualizations.