What's New in 24R1.0

This release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. More information is available by selecting the feature name.



Vault CRM Connector

The Vault CRM connector allows users to load data into Nitro from Vault CRM. Users must add a Vault CRM integration user in the Nitro Admin Console to use the connector.

Connector Level User Management

Admins can assign a user role at the connector level on the Nitro Redshift Database, allowing admins more granular security on the data assets by restricting access to only users who require it.

Vault Connectors: Support Workflows, Workflow Tasks and Workflow Task Items

Nitro can now report on the time it takes a Veeva Vault document to process through a workflow for approval. This allows document owners to track the current tasks and status of each workflow.

Compass Prescriber, National, and Pathway Data

Data from Compass can be loaded directly into Nitro using an Intelligent Object Connector Industry Data Connector, and predefined allow lists, which replace table definition files.

Nitro Workspace SDK Enhancements

Nitro SDK has the following enhancements:

  • Users can run authorized Redshift queries, other than select, using SDK with two new methods:
  • executeUnloadQuery() on workspace object
  • executeQuery() on client object
  • Secrets management allows shared setups to work in the same SDK. Users can instantiate SDK by providing an option path to a secrets file in addition to the profile name