What's New in 21R1.3

The Nitro 21R1.3 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.



Nitro Explorer Data Exploration and Visualization Tool

Nitro Explorer is a new data exploration and visualization tool within Nitro that enables users of all skill sets to explore and visualize Nitro data. Users can interact with their data using several predefined datasets, or use self-created datasets to generate charts and dashboards. More advanced users can create and run complex SQL queries using the built-in SQL Lab.

Nitro Collaborative Workspaces

Admins can now add multiple users to the same schema in Nitro Workspaces so they can work collaboratively to view and modify tables in other Nitro schemas.

ETL Job Logs Available to Nitro Explorer Users

ETL Job Logs are now available for Redshift/Explorer users to view the number of jobs completed successfully and recurring failure types, allowing them to better understand the health of their system. ETL job logs can also be examined for the quality of jobs over time and for details on FTP type jobs as well.


Global ODS MCCP Data Model

A new Global ODS table (cycle_plan_glb_ods__v) joins the following new Multichannel Cycle Plan tables and existing tables:

New Tables

Existing Tables

  • mc_cycle_vod__v
  • mc_cycle_channel_vod__v
  • mc_cycle_plan_vod__v
  • mc_cycle_plan_channel_vod__v
  • mc_cycle_plan_product_vod__v
  • mc_cycle_plan_smmary_vod__v
  • mc_cycle_plan_target_vod__v
  • mc_cycle_product_vod__v
  • Account__v
  • user__v
  • record_type__v
  • user_territory__v
  • Territory__v
  • recordtype__v

MCCP tables are loaded into Nitro from Align using the CRM Intelligent Sync Connector. The CRM Load Global ODS job pushes MCCP data into the Global ODS.

Global ODS Formulary Data Model

A new Global ODS Formulary Data Model normalizes formulary data in the Global ODS, allowing users to build reports based on a unified data model rather than a specific data provider. This release includes formulary data provided by MMIT (Managed Markets Insight & Technology).

The Global ODS Formulary Data Model uses the MMIT Core Formulary connector. A new job (MMIT Formulary Load Global ODS) has been added to the MMIT package. By running this job, data is pushed from the MMIT connector to the following Global ODS tables:

  • formulary_product_gbl_ods__v
  • formulary_restrictions_gbl_ods__v
  • formulary_gbl_ods__v

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Most new features require some configuration, however users are able to view the following changes immediately.


  • STL Load Errors displayed on the Job History page now provide error information in multiple columns for easier digestion. STL Load Errors include the following columns of information to help admins diagnose and solve data loading errors:
  • Error
  • Line Number
  • Col Name
  • Type
  • Col Length
  • Position
  • Raw Field Value
  • Description
  • Raw Line