Intelligent Object Connectors

Admins can upload and manage data easily in Nitro’s data lake using Intelligent Objects. Intelligent Objects are a type of inbound connector for file-based data. Intelligent Object connectors have three core components:

  • Advanced data lake connectivity to get the data onto the platform efficiently and securely
  • Automatic metadata detection and analysis that interrogates the data model and syncs it to Nitro’s core data model
  • Direct querying of the data enabling exploration of the file-based data immediately alongside the rest of data on the platform

The following connector types are available:

All data loaded into Intelligent Object Connectors are viewable as any other view(s) under the database report schemas of the connector, without having to create table definition files for them.

Intelligent Objects Connectors are defined with allowlists in the Nitro Admin Console. Intelligent Object Configurations in the NAC are sorted alphabetically by default.


  • Large Parquet files supported (up to 20GB)
  • Escape character “\” supported

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