Data from Veeva Link can now be loaded into Nitro using the Link Key People Intelligent Object Connector. This connector includes the following new objects:

  • Association
  • Community Leader
  • Company Sponsorship
  • Digital Reach
  • Payment
  • Scientific Reach Mapping

With the addition of the Link Key People Intelligent Object Connector, existing FTP connectors continue to work, however, users are not able to create a new FTP connector.

Using the Link Key People Intelligent Object Connector

To create an Intelligent Object Connector for Veeva Link:

  1. Log into the NAC.

  2. Select Inbound Connectors from the Connectors section of the side menu.

  3. Select the New Connector button.

  4. Add connector details including display name and description.

  5. Select Link Key People as the connector type under Intelligent Objects.

  6. Select Save.

  7. Create a connector user in the NAC specific for this connector. This user will allow you to log into the SFTP site.

  8. Create a Nitro support ticket to complete the connection steps.