What's New in 22R2.3.200

The Nitro 22R2.3.200 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.


Data Load

Converting Distributor Customer IDs for Jitsushoka Sales Star Load

Wholesale distributors often change customer IDs. To prevent data from being lost when a customer ID is updated by a distributor, the customer ID is now converted to the latest customer ID when data loading. A new table (jsk_distributor_customer_conversion__v) allows Nitro to store the conversion records. The updated distributor customer ID is saved to the sales detail table.


Four Mappings Added to Global Customer Interactions Repository (CIR)

To allow customers to report on medical interactions, mappings for Medical Insights, Medical Discussions, Survey Targets, and Surveys are now included in the Global Customer Interactions Repository (CIR).

In addition, the CRM Allowlist now includes the following objects:

  • Medical_Discsussion_vod
  • Survey_vod
  • Survey_Target_vod


Job Edit and Job Orchestration Clone

To make it easier to edit a job within a job orchestration or create a job orchestration, admins can now edit jobs or clone existing Job Orchestrations. For example, if one job in a job orchestration fails, there is no way for the admin to restart it at the point it failed. With this enhancement, the admin can clone the job orchestration, remove the jobs that have already completed, and restart the job orchestration from where it failed so that any remaining processes can complete.

Instance FTP and Self-Service Password Management

The following password management updates are now available:

  • Admins can now create an FTP user who can access folders under a selected instance.
  • Nitro users can now reset their own password