What's New in 21R3.1

The Nitro 21R3.1 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.



Support for Veeva Data Cloud Prescriber Longitudinal Data

Nitro’s prebuilt intelligent object data model now supports Veeva Data Cloud’s new product, Prescriber Longitudinal Data. Prescriber Longitudinal Data provides a more complete view of HCPs for better targeting and engagement. Prescriber Data provides hcp-level insights about patient demographics, and medical and prescription claims.

New Global DDS Facts Table

To make exploring data easier in Nitro Explorer, a new Global DDS Facts table (fact_account360_gbl_denorm_dds__v) is available that provides all relevant data from facts and dimensions in a single table. All dimensional information must be in the same table as the fact data. This allows users to filter data based on any dimensional attribute without needing to perform a join based on dim_id__v. The fact_account360_gbl_denorm_dds__v table is created when the jb_global_loadfactaccount360__v job is run.

Nitro Explorer

Querying Internal Action Logs for Explorer

Nitro admins can now access internal action logs for Explorer to gather usage data, including how frequently users access Explorer, most popular dashboards, and other, similar usage insights.

Outbound Connectors

Push to Vault Outbound Connector

A new Push to Vault outbound connector is available allowing admins to push Nitro data to Vault. When Nitro data is available in the Vault platform, it can be used to drive Vault-specific workflows and business processes. For example, Nitro users can derive CRM usage of documents and HCP deciling/segmentation using multiple commercial data sources. These insights can then be tied to content and HCPs in PromoMats and Align, respectively.

New Videos

The following videos were added as part of this release: