What's New in 20R1.10

The Nitro 20R1.10 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.


Inbound Connectors

Support for CRM loginhistory Object for CRM Connector

loginhistory is a standard Salesforce.com object within Veeva CRM that stores user login information and frequency. Allowlists are automatically updated to support this object.


Connector-Level Database Security for Users

Security controls are now available that enable database users to specify connector-level access rights to Nitro data. Users can be limited to accessing data associated with specific connectors across all connector schemas. Previously, user access to data was set at the instance level. To enable this security configuration, open a support ticket and specify the connectors to which users need access.

Email Notification for SFTP Job

Additional information has been added to email notifications sent to users when a file loading job completes. When the job completes but has errors, the email notification contains the subject “Completed with Warnings” and the body includes error information. This information helps users determine when there are data quality issues so they can take recovery action.

  • Target table name
  • Number of successful rows
  • Number of failed rows (data validation check failed rows)
  • Number of STL_LOAD_ERRORS rows
  • Number of duplicate rows


Product Dimension Expanded Fields

The dim_product__v dimension now includes expanded fields that display hierarchical relationships between products (product_name__v). This allows users to view analytics at a parent (Detail) product level as well as the child (Sample) level. Six direct line levels and five parent levels are added.

Territory Support for the CRM Daily Account Product Content MC Star

The fact_crm_daily_account_product_content_mc_activity__v determines the territory based on the UTAS (User Territory Account Share) table. However, CRM users and accounts can be aligned to more than one territory when an activity, for example a call, takes place. When building, this star must use one territory for each activity even if multiple territories are returned. Now, the first territory alphabetically is used.

CRM Star Load Job Required Fields

The CRM Star Load job now includes all required fields in Nitro. This allows users to build stars without errors by permitting them to use standard facts where possible. If a field is both protected and required in Nitro, the column is created for that field, but data is not pulled from CRM into Nitro.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Most new features are delivered disabled by default; however users are able to view the following features immediately.

Admin Console

Weekly AWS maintenance window information for the cluster is now displayed on the run job and schedule job popup windows. AWS maintenance takes place as listed in the window. The system does not run or schedule jobs during this time.