What's New in 20R1.10.3

The Nitro 20R1.10.3 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.



Job Orchestration File Loading

Admins can now include file loading jobs within a job orchestration. With this enhancement, admins can configure an end-to-end process that incorporates the file loading job along with other jobs. Admins do not need to insert a control file for each source file. For example, admins can orchestrate four source files that load a connector and a star table creation job.

Hidden Files in Compressed Metadata Packages

Hidden files in compressed metadata packages are now ignored when uploaded to Nitro. This allows admins to create compressed packages using their own native compression application without generating errors when uploading to Nitro. If a compressed package contains other unexpected, exposed files, an error message still displays.

Email Notification for SFTP Jobs in HTML Format

Email notifications sent to admins when a job completes are now formatted with the job status information presented in an easier-to-read table format.


Fact CRM Engage Best Times

The Engage Best Times star aggregates historical Engage Meeting data and provides the top three recommended day/times to schedule an Engage Meeting for an account. This is done by looking at the number of historical meetings attended and duration of meetings to calculate the best days and times.

The HTML schemas and sync profiles are provided so users can view the resulting data on mobile devices using MyInsights.

Fact CRM Engage End to End

The Engage End to End star aggregates how CRM users are scheduling Engage Meetings and Sending Engage invitations. The information from this star provides insight into how far in advance meetings are being scheduled and how this impacts meetings being completed successfully.