Uploading Metadata Packages Using the NAC

Admins can upload metadata packages using the NAC and view the results of package processing.

A Data Quality Rules folder is included as part of the standard metadata package download, and can be uploaded into any instance or connector.

To upload a metadata package:

  1. Navigate to the Inbound Connector detail screen.
  2. Select the Upload Package icon.

  3. Drag and drop the package to the canvas.

    Hidden files in compressed metadata packages are ignored when uploaded to Nitro. This allows admins to create compressed packages using their own native compression application without generating errors when uploading to Nitro. If a compressed package contains other unexpected, exposed files, an error message still displays.

  4. The package must be a .zip file. Only upload one metadata package at a time.

  5. Validate the package.
  6. The uploaded package should only contain custom metadata, for example, custom jobs, custom task sequences, tasks. This function overwrites the metadata based on the uploaded package. Do not overwrite the metadata Veeva provided.

For more information on the folder structure of a metadata package see Nitro Packages.