What's New in 19R3.7

The Nitro 19R3.7 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.



Industry Data Connectors

ICS provides industry standard supply chain data including 867 Sales and Chargeback data.

Industry Data Connectors

Jitsushoka is a unique connector for sales data sources in the Japanese market and provides a flexible way to load data.

Platform Capabilities

Job Orchestration

Job Orchestration allows users to connect more than one ETL job and process them together. Instead of scheduling jobs individually, they can now be scheduled together in an Orchestration. When creating an Orchestration, admins can determine which job runs first, second, and so on.

Viewing Jobs in the NAC

Users are now able to view Job detail information for custom connector jobs via the Admin Console. This enables users to quickly fix any data loading errors and reprocess files.

Optimized Workload Management

A new more optimized workload management strategy specifically related to query management is now live in Nitro. Amazon released a feature on the Redshift platform which allows Nitro to implement query prioritization. Nitro's query prioritization ensures queries coming from business intelligence/read-only users receive priority over those originating from ETL processes. This is intended to minimize the impact that ETL processes have on consumers of Nitro data.

Redshift Concurrency Scaling

Concurrency scaling is now a standard feature, enabled across all Nitro clusters. Leveraging concurrency scaling on the Redshift platform, Nitro now allocates additional computing power, on-demand, for complex queries and concurrent access to data. More business intelligence users can run more queries without having to worry about concurrency limitations or performance degradation.


PrescriberSource PatientFocus

A new data connector for Symphony Health PrescriberSource PatientFocus is now available. This data source is included with the predefined tables structures and is transformed into the existing US Sales Fact.