What's New in 19R3.10

The Nitro 19R3.10 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.


Outbound Connectors

Exporting Data Using SFTP

Nitro customers can export data in bulk to SFTP targets using Outbound Connectors. SFTP is a widely leveraged protocol for bulk data transfers between IT systems within the Nitro customer base. With support for SFTP targets in Outbound Connectors, Nitro is better able to integrate with these systems without the need for custom development or support from additional infrastructure.

Platform Capabilities

Query Timeouts

Nitro has introduced a query timeout setting that will terminate any query being run by a named database user that takes 20 minutes or longer to fully execute. This setting was introduced in order to protect against erroneous, long running queries (LRQs) that are issued either unwittingly or in error and subsequently block other critical processes from executing.

Uploading Metadata Packages Using the NAC

Admins can now upload metadata packages via the NAC and view the results of package processing. This feature removes the need for the command line client, a tool which takes a more technical skill set to setup and use.


Global Operational Data Store (ODS)

Nitro introduces the concept of instance-level metadata and with that Nitro’s first instance-level metadata construct, the Global Operational Data Store (Global ODS). This eliminates the segmentation at the connector level and makes modeling star schema and other aggregates easier.

Master Data for Jitsushoka

A new master data source for Jitsushoka connector is now available. This data source is included with the predefined tables structures and is transformed into the user visibility stars.

3PL Inventory and Sales Connector - Integrichain

3PL (3rd Party Logistics) data is provided regularly from 3PL providers and data aggregators. These data files provide valuable information about inventory at distribution centers, and sales transactions to a point of care for specialty pharmacies.

Nitro has two new stars specifically for Integrichain 852 and 867 data. These stars report the following:

  • Inventory, product stocking and movement of product at distribution centers
  • Sales to point of care locations
  • Product transfer and resale detail, including quantity, purchase order, type codes and contract identifiers
  • Transaction totals in terms of line items, their weights and other units of measure