What's New in 19R2.9

The Nitro 19R2.9 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.



Configurable Composite Key

Data coming into Nitro via customer connectors sometimes does not include a robust primary key. In order to process this type of data effectively in Nitro, customers need to build-in ETL processing to their custom connector to compute a primary key. With this feature, the added ETL processing is no longer needed. Now, a simple formula can be used to specify a primary key that is a pipe delimited composite of one or more dimensions and attributes in the source data.

Supporting Redshift Formulas

Setting default values in data coming in from a custom connector traditionally required extra ETL processing. Nitro now allows Redshift formulas to be specified directly within the custom connector configuration. These formulas are evaluated as data is inserted or updated in Redshift.

Supporting Wildcards in the Filename Attribute of SFTP Control Files

When loading data into Nitro via a custom connector, a control file is required to initiate processing of that data. The control file refers to its corresponding data file using an specific file name. In many cases, this file name includes a time stamp different each time data loads to the Nitro SFTP server. Customers can use wildcards in the filename attribute of the control file to avoid ongoing manipulation of the control file.

Industry Data Connectors

MMIT and the Nitro team have collaborated on an industry data connector for MMIT's core fomulary data offering. Customers can now provision a connector with MMIT's data model included automatically ready to receive data from MMIT.

Intelligent Sync Connectors

Building on the existing Vault Intelligent Sync connector, Nitro now includes all of the Align object settings and configuration needed to quickly and easily get Align data into Nitro with little manual configuration needed.

Platform Capabilities

Exporting Data

In order to support bulk data extracts from Nitro, Nitro's ETL engine can export data based on a customer-defined query to Nitro's SFTP server.


Nitro Data Sync for Veeva CRM MyInsights

Sometimes Veeva CRM users do not have time nor an immediate need to sync Nitro data. MyInsights now offers a configurable option that when enabled will give the Veeva CRM user the option to either complete or skip the Nitro sync.