Whats New in 20R2.3

The Nitro 20R2.3 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.


Inbound Connectors

Ultmarc Connector

A new connector for Ultmarc, a Japanese provider of HCO and HCP data, is available. This data is used by Veeva Jitsushoka service.

Data Quality


  • Last Run Status Added to Scorecard - A new Last Run Status icon now displays on the scorecard in the NAC to highlight important items. The Last Run Details column contains information and run results.
  • Previewing Violations and Optional Download - Users can now preview the top 200 violations for the last execution of a rule from the scorecard in the NAC by selecting the Last Run Details for violations. Users can download the results as a .csv file.

Quality Checks

  • More than one column can be selected for the Key Column parameter
  • Users can now specify a filter condition on the table object
  • The key column result now displays the number of duplicate rows found
  • Dynamic SQL Support in Quality Check Named Queries - SQL scripts inside quality check templates are now flexible and scalable. Queries in the templates currently accept tables and columns passed as variables for re-usability. The template now accommodates multiple columns passed through one parameter, and the script dynamically adapts, keeping the logic intact.
  • Outlier Check - A new data validation check finds values in a column that fall outside of a range calculated for the user by using statistical measures on the historical values for that column. If the value falls outside the calculated range, it is flagged as an outlier.
  • Control File Validation - A new control file validation check ensures the summed value of the metric columns grouped over the common dimension columns in the transaction table matches the values in the metric columns of the control table.