What's New in 20R1.9

The Nitro 20R1.9 release includes several new features.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name.


Inbound Connectors

Creating a Connector

Users can now create a connector from the NAC to import data sources into Nitro for any of the main connector types. This replaces the need for users to create a support ticket, making the process to create a connector faster and more accurate.

Connecting to Nitro

Custom and Industry Data connectors that support a primary key in their load pattern now detect duplicate (Dupes) records automatically. When Nitro detects a duplicate record, the record is not merged into the ODS but is instead written to a file. This file, as well as the total count of all duplicate records, can be accessed in the admin console.


Clear Query Locks ETL Job

A new Clear Query Locks ETL job can clear database locks held by non-ETL users, often caused by bad queries. The Clear Query Locks ETL job can be scheduled, run as needed, or added to a job orchestration. Running this job prior to ETL jobs that must run at a specific time or based on a trigger, prevents those jobs from being delayed or blocked by database locks.

Job History Enhanced

Three months of ETL Job History can now be viewed and easily navigated in the admin console, allowing for extensive and efficient log research by the administrator:

  • Three months of data now displays, providing more job history information. The first 100 records display.
  • Date filtering (Today, Yesterday, Last 24 hours, Absolute) now allows users to narrow down the data they want to view without advancing through multiple pages of data


Dimension Territory Table Enhancement

The dim_territory__v dimension for CRM Star Schema is enhanced to include new columns to show hierarchical relationships between territories. These new columns allow users to build drill-downs through the territory hierarchy when examining data at a territory level.

Fact CRM Daily Account Product Content MC Activity

A new Multi-Channel Activity Star for Engage Meeting star schema is introduced to allow for reporting across multiple channels in CRM, and includes two new dimensions - Channel and CRM Content. The Fact CRM Daily Account Product Content MC Activity star is at the most granular level with seven dimensions, which can be used to analyze CRM activity from Call, Call Detail, Call Key Message, Remote Meeting, Sent Email and Event Attendee:

  • Account
  • User
  • Territory
  • Product
  • Date
  • Channel (Dim_Channel__v) - Assigns a channel to all facts in this star. Channels are Face to Face, Engage, Approved Email and Medical Event.
  • CRM Content (Dim_CRM_Content__v) - Links content from CRM to the activities where content is present. Sent Emails link to Approved Documents and Call Key Messages link to CLM Presentation and Key Messages.

Jitsushoka Sales Star Enhancement

The Jitsushoka Sales star schema contains new columns for sales quantity and conversion quantity in the sales monthly summary table. These new columns allow customers to analyze sales trends and planned versus actual results based on quantity and amount.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Most new features are delivered disabled by default; however users are able to view the following features immediately.

Admin Console

  • The drop-down menu for available instances now displays in alpha-order, following the instance values of production__V
  • Inactive metadata components for lists of fields and tables in the NAC no longer display. To display inactive components, select the Show Inactive check box next to the Fields or Tables section headers.
  • Admins can now see key information for all tables in the NAC (Distribution Key, Distribution Style, Primary Key, or Not set). Partition key values for tables in the HTML schema are also displayed on the table detail page (Distribution Key, Distribution Style, Primary Key, or Partition Key)