Japanese Analytics

MyInsights Views For New Jitsushoka Data Set

Jitsushoka data, including Customer Master and Alignment data, is available for MyInsights reporting. The views for MyInsights refer to the Jitsushoka dds schema.

The jsk_target__v field supports multibyte characters in STG and ODS tables.

Referencing Jitsushoka data from MyInsights Views

Global variables refer to the Jitsushoka schema. At the instance level, the Jitsushoka schema name is based on the connector setting, with predefined global variables.

  • Variable - CST_Sales_ddsSchema__v
  • Value - jitsushoka_dds__v

In a MyInsights view, the variable $[CST_Sales_ddsSchema__v] is replaced by the value, jitsushoka_dds__v.

For example, $[jitsushoka_dds__v.dim_account__v .dim_account__v.

Jitsushoka Sales Star

The Jitsushoka Sales star schema contains columns for sales quantity and conversion quantity in the sales monthly summary table. These columns allow customers to analyze sales trends and planned versus actual results based on quantity and amount.