Veeva Crossix DIFA

Veeva Crossix DIFA is the leading SaaS platform for measuring and optimizing healthcare marketing across media channels, such as websites and digital campaigns for Rx, OTC, clinical, claims, consumer, hospital, and media data.

Table: difa_campaigns__v

Field Type Description
brand__v varchar(250) Name of the brand (drug) in the platform
campaign__v varchar(250) Name of the DIFA campaign and year
start_time__v date The date that the first consumer was exposed to the digital campaign in the media population and Zip-3
end_time__v date The DIFA deliverable that results were reported on.
media_view__v varchar(300) The overarching view in which the media is being reported on for the particular Zip3. Possible values are Overall or Ad Type
ad_type__v varchar(100) Aggregation of the type of digital media the audience was exposed to
zip_3__v varchar(3) The 3-digit prefix of a US Zip Code
report__v varchar(256) Campaign Report Type
metric__v varchar(512) Class of metrics reported on. For the first release of the Zip-3 data the only metrics available will be Cumulative Impressions, Cumulative Unique Reach& Average Frequency
projection__v numeric(24) The value that corresponds to the # of Cumulative Impressions or Cumulative Unique Reach for that time in a given media population and Zip-3. OR corresponds to the average frequency of exposure within that Zip-3 during that time period
raw_filename__v varchar(200) Filename of source data