Nitro Reference

Global reference table to map key values from any table to translate to language necessary for global reporting. Must map both referencecode__v and referencetype__v to attain the appropriate value. Each code may be used for more than one type.

Global ODS Field Field Type

Source Data

Connector : Network

FTP & ISTable: network_reference__v

composite_key__v varchar(100) |connector_name__v|native_id__v|reference_type__v|
native_id__v varchar(18) networkcode__v
source_connector_name__v varchar(18) Source connector Name from NAC
source_table_name__v varchar(100) network_reference__v
source_system_id__v varchar(100) Extracted from Internal Admin Console
referencecode__v varchar(50) NetworkCode__v
TargetAlias__v varchar(50) TargetAlias__v
TargetAliasName__v varchar(50) TargetAliasName__v
referencetype__v varchar(50) ReferenceType__v
ActiveCountries__v varchar(5000) ActiveCountries__v
InactiveCountries__v varchar(5000) InactiveCountries__v
Definition__v varchar(5000) Definition__v
Active__v varchar(100) Active__v
VeevaMaintained__v varchar(100) VeevaMaintained__v
EN__v varchar(5000) EN__v
ZH__v varchar(5000) ZH__v
FR__v varchar(5000) FR__v
ES__v varchar(5000) ES__v
DE__v varchar(5000) DE__v
IT__v varchar(5000) IT__v
EN_GB__v varchar(5000) EN_GB__v
JA__v varchar(5000) JA__v
EN_AU__v varchar(5000) EN_AU__v
PT_BR__v varchar(5000) PT_BR__v
RU__v varchar(5000) RU__v
EL__v varchar(5000) EL__v
ZH_TW__v varchar(5000) ZH_TW__v
FI__v varchar(5000) FI__v
SV__v varchar(5000) SV__v
DA__v varchar(5000) DA__v
NO__v varchar(5000) NO__v
NL__v varchar(5000) NL__v
PT__v varchar(5000) PT__v
HU__v varchar(5000) HU__v
TR__v varchar(5000) TR__v
CS__v varchar(5000) CS__v
SK__v varchar(5000) SK__v
PL__v varchar(5000) PL__v
BG__v varchar(5000) BG__v
Hr__v varchar(5000) Hr__v
Lv__v varchar(5000) Lv__v
Lt__v varchar(5000) Lt__v
Sl__v varchar(5000) Sl__v
Ro__v varchar(5000) Ro__v
Rs__v varchar(5000) Rs__v
Ba__v varchar(5000) Ba__v
Mk__v varchar(5000) Mk__v
Sr_Me__v varchar(5000) Sr_Me__v
Ee__v varchar(5000) Ee__v
Is__v varchar(5000) Is__v
He__v varchar(5000) He__v
Es_Mx__v varchar(5000) Es_Mx__v