Automatic MyInsights Cache Loading

The CRM Intelligent Sync connector includes an ETL job that streamlines the process of configuring Nitro to sync data to the MyInsights cache. This job dynamically builds and loads the MyInsights cache layer without requiring any configuration.

When running this job, the latest definitions from the CRM HTML schema are instantiated into the MyInsights cache DB and are loaded with the right data.

This feature automatically leverages enhanced delete processing when building and loading the cache. The job automatically creates and manages special tables in the HTML schema that manage deleted records and creates and loads the ‘delete_datetime__v’ field in the MyInsights cache. In some cases, sync profiles need minor modifications to start identifying deleted records using the ‘deleted_datetime__v’ field in the MyInsights cache.

Enabling Automatic MyInsights Cache Loading

To enable this feature:

  1. Delete or unschedule the previous job responsible for MyInsights cache loading.

  2. Ensure the primaryKey attribute is present on the html table yml.

  3. Ensure the column for the primaryKey is defined as top of the column list. To control physical ordering of columns within a table, Nitro uses the colOrder attribute assigned at the column level.

  4. Schedule or run an ad-hoc CRM MyInsights Cache Load job from the NAC.