Nitro Deciling Job

To reduce the cost of producing deciled data and increase HCP targeting effectiveness, the HCP Deciling job ranks targets based on key attributes when admins select a data source, HCP ID, and a value column to decile by. Admins can run the HCP Deciling job multiple times to create different models of deciled data.

To run a deciling job:

  1. Log into the NAC.
  2. Select Run Job from the Job History page. Admins can also run deciling jobs as a part of a schedule or job orchestration.
  3. Select the Global__v connector.
  4. Select the HCP Deciling job.

  5. Enter the following job parameters:
    • Source Table - Select the pre-processed table within the Global__v connector with source data. Columns for Hcp_id__v and value__v are required.
    • HCP ID Column - Column in the source table holding HCP IDs
    • Value Column to Decile - Column in the source table holding the value to be used for deciling. For example, TRx, Sales, or Number of patients seen.
    • Model Name - Enter a name for the model
  6. Select Execute. When the job runs, the hcp_decile_models_ods__v output table is created or updated in the Global ODS with the following values:
    • model__v
    • Hcp_id__v
    • value__v
    • decile__v
    • created_date__v

    The table is available in Nitro Explorer for further analysis and visualization. For more information, see Nitro Launch.