Getting Started With Nitro

Initial Requirements

This topic provides information for browser requirements and instructions for signing into Nitro.

Browser Requirements

Use any of the following to access the Nitro Admin Console:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11

Requesting a User Account

To request a new user account, submit a support ticket.

Signing into Nitro

Depending on the location of your Nitro cluster, the sign in URL varies.

For customers in North America:

For customers in Europe:

For customers in Asia-pacific:

IP Addresses for SFTP

Nitro uses static IP addresses for its SFTP Server, where customers and data vendors deposit various text files to load data. See Static IP Addresses for more information.

Signing into External Tools

See External Tools for more information on connecting to Nitro via external tools.

In order for a connection to be established between Nitro and the BI tool, configure the necessary network security items on the Nitro side and if required, on the BI tool side:

  • The public-facing IP address of the BI tool application must be allowlisted in Nitro configuration. This is done by submitting a support ticket with the IP(s) representing the network from which the BI tool is connecting.
  • If a corporate firewall is in place, outbound/inbound traffic to the Nitro database IP and port may need to be allowlisted/opened. If this is needed, submit a support ticket to get the right connection info needed for the Nitro database.