Analytic Snapshots

Users can select a table to create a moment in time view (snapshot) of the data, saving them time and effort from manually recreating the data. When the job is run, the target table name is appended with _snap. Table snapshot is available for tables in both the DDS and ODS, and for all connectors.

Snapshot jobs can be run ad hoc, in a job orchestration, or as part of any standard schedule. Most users will configure a monthly or quarterly schedule.

Snapshot jobs can run on only one table at a time, but multiple jobs can be run using a job orchestration.

Table names are included in snapshot jobs allowing users to quickly determine which tables were created using a snapshot job. Table names selected in the runtime parameters are displayed wherever the snapshot job is listed in the NAC, including the following pages:

  • Job History
  • Job Scheduler
  • Job Orchestration

To run an ad hoc snapshot job:

  1. Log into the NAC.

  2. Select Run Job from the Job History page.

  3. Select the connector.

  4. Select Create Snapshot from the Jobs drop down menu.

  5. Select the source table.

  6. Select Execute.

Snapshot jobs can also be run on any standard schedule or in a job orchestration.