Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Intelligent Sync Connector

The SFMC Intelligent Sync Connector supports custom data extensions, which enables marketing organizations to do extensive analysis on marketing related activities not related to the SFMC Email application. Through configuration, customers can sync to Nitro data from any custom data extensions configured on the SFMC platform. For example, data extensions housing activity data generated from the SFMC Customer Journey module.

Configuring SFMC Intelligent Sync Connectors

To configure a new connector:

  1. Log into the NAC.
  2. Select Connectors > Inbound from the side menu.

  3. Select New Connector.
  4. Enter the following information:



    Display Name

    Name of the Nitro Connector, as it will be displayed in the Admin Console


    Name of the connector object as it will be referred to inside Nitro


    Narrative description of the connect purpose

    Connector Type

    Select SFMC

    Source System Username

    Client ID. To obtain the Client ID check the API component in the SFMC org. Go to Setup>Apps>Installed Packages.

    Source System Password 

    Client password

    Source System URL

    Endpoint for advanced authentication

    Source System ID

    Domain Name or blank

  5. Select Save.

To configure an integration user(client) in SFMC:

  1. Log into SFMC.

  2. Go to Setup > Apps > Installed Packages.

  3. Create a client to access an SFMC org in the Components API Integration section.

  4. Set the Integration Type to Server to Server.

  5. Select Add Component.

Adding Objects to SFMC Allowlists

In order to bring additional objects from custom data extensions into the scope of the SFMC intelligent sync connector, you must add them to the SFMC Allowlist.

These objects can be included in the Intelligent Sync connector by creating a .yml file and uploading it as a part of the allowlist library.


name: custom_object
source: SFMC
- sourceSchema: SFMC
targetSchema: STG
pattern: pt_sfmc_stg_de_nokey_fullextract__v
- sourceSchema: STG
targetSchema: ODS
pattern: pt_sfmc_ods_de_nokeypattern__v

For each object type, these patterns are supported to allowlist the objects for SFMC:

Object Type

Supported Pattern from source to STG

Supported Pattern from STG to ODS

No Primary Key Table



Primary Key(s) table