Veeva CRM Intelligent Sync Connector

Full Load Patterns

Two full load patterns are available for the Veeva CRM Intelligent Sync connector allowing Nitro to detect hard-delete records in a Veeva CRM object by inserting a new value for the end date (end_date__v) in Nitro. This also allows admins to avoid keeping the records active in Nitro.

To use this feature, configure an allowlist .yml file by changing the filter to extract all records from the object and use one of the following ODS full load patterns:

  • Pt_crm_ods_ed_latest_full__v (current data)
  • Pt_crm_ods_ed_history_full__v (historical data)

Admins should only configure necessary objects to detect hard-delete records. Extracting all records can slow data loading using the Intelligent Sync connector.


name: Address_vod__c
source: CRM
- sourceSchema: CRM
targetSchema: STG
pattern: pt_crm_stg_incrementalextract__v
# remove SystemModstamp > $[LMD] AND condition to extract all records.
filter: "where SystemModstamp < $[IS_maxWindowDate]"
- sourceSchema: STG
targetSchema: ODS
pattern: pt_crm_ods_ed_history_full__v
- createdById
- MayEdit
- IsLocked
- Lock_vod__c
- LastReferencedDate
- LastViewedDate